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We bring the party to your backyard or to most of the local parks. We clean up all of the
"lawn apple's" the horse may leave. We do need parking for a pickup truck and horse trailer.

Horses can be decorated with glitter, ribbons, bells, non-toxic paints and hats.
The horses will be on a lead-line with a professional handler at all times.

Check the other places that offer you a total confusion of discounts, do all the math, don't
forget to add in the mileage charge. Then check my prices, it's less than their discount price.

Hand Sanitizer is always available for your use at every party.

IMPORTANT NOTE:    Weight Limit on a Horse is 130 pounds - Weight Limit on a Pony is 40 pounds.

See How Our Party Prices Are Different From The Rest "Our Prices"

Registered with the State of Florida, Registration #G12000057963.
Polk County License #165687.
USDA License, Verify it here: USDA
$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy

Please let us know if you need:
Certificate of Insurance (No Charge).
Named as Additional Insured ($50 charge).

USDA License Info
Verify it here: USDA
Using the above link - Type in the Company name and it will tell you if license is ACTIVE or CANCELLED.
There are Companies advertising that they are USDA Licensed and they are not and have never been.
Then you have the Companies that were and are now Cancelled. It only takes a moment to check it out.

      A Complete Party Package.       Enter Now

There is No Charge for the Unicorn.

Meet all the Horses and the Petting Zoo animals and the Staff.

Meet all of us.

We also offer. . .

"Monthly Specials"
"Party Packages"
"Parties without Horse & Pony Rides"

A Pony Party is for 1 Hour and includes up to 15 guests.
Over 15 guests requires an additional 1/2 hour and allows up to 25 guests.

Pretty Pony Party
Your choice of 2 horses or 1 horse & 1 pony.
1 Hour
Up to 15 guests
See what's included

Remember . . . Unicorn is FREE
Just tell us you want one when booking your party.

Add any of these to your Pony Party for even more Fun.

PAINT THE PONY     is   NOT AVAILABLE   in the Winter Months.

                                                                                                          $60     Hugging Zoo
                                                                                                          $60     Face Painting
                                                                                                          $40     Feather Hair Extensions
                                                                                                          $30     Paint the Pony
                                                                                                          $50     Additional 1/2 Hour
                                                                                                          $40     Clown
                                                                                                          $190    Train
                                                                                                          $30     Bows & Gems
                                                                                                          $60     Sno-Cone Machine
                                                                                                          $15     Steer Roping
See what's included

Educational Party
This party is designed to be a learning experience and a lot of fun.
Great Idea for Schools, Day Care, Camp and Scout Meetings.
Everything we do is "Hands On."
Choose 1 or more animals and kids can be split into groups to visit each one.
Horse, Duck, Pig, Goat, Donkey, Rabbit, Python and a Mini Horse.
The kids will get lots of stuff to take home with them about their special day.
Ask us about having an Educational Party.
Fun and Educational, a combination that can't be beat.

Large Events
Schools, Churches, Day Care Centers and Festivals.
Call or email for pricing.

Occasionally we will bring a 3rd horse. The horse is
in "training" to do parties. If the horse is far enough
in it's training then it can be ridden, if not, kids will be
able to pet and take photos with it. There is no cost
to you for this horse even if it is ridden.

Important . . . Please Read

Deposit is Non-Refundable but you may Re-Schedule.

Once we leave home and are on the way to your party or if we have already
arrived and your party gets rained out before we start, you will still have to pay
the fuel charge and $50 for travel time. If we don't have other parties booked we
will try to wait out the rain (you won't be charged for the wait time). If we are
already into the party we will try to be fair in what you will owe for the party.
We don't mind walking in the rain as long as there is no litening, it's up to you.

The price includes mileage, up to 20 miles.
Over 20 miles there is a fuel charge of $2.00 per mile.
Example: 20 miles to party.
No additional fuel charge.

Example: 25 miles to party.
$2.00 per mile X 5 miles = $10.00.
$10.00 fuel charge added to cost of party.

I'm not trying to get rich, I love seeing the kids fall in love with the horses.

Thanks for thinking of us for your Party needs.
Copyright © Pretty Pony Parties 2001.
All rights reserved.