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Look at all our photo's from different parties.

Copyright ã 2001 Pretty Pony Parties
Creative Commons License
Any and all photographic images recorded by Pretty Pony Parties is licensed under
a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
The above means in simple terms:
                                                              1.  you cannot use any photo image(s) recorded originally by Pretty Pony Parties commercially.
                                                              2.  if you use any of the photo images you cannot alter them in any way.
                                                              3.  if any image is used it must have a link leading to the Pretty Pony Parties website.
                                                              4.  written permission must be obtained from Pretty Pony Parties for any other use.

All images of people were done with permission of the person(s) in the photo at the
time the photo was originally taken with their full knowledge that the photo(s) would
be used on Pretty Pony Parties website and facebook page(s).

This serves as your written letter notifying you of our image copyright. Copyright violations
will be sent to your webhost with a link to the infringing page and a copy of the original photo.