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Our Party Prices
Our animals are our pets. We don't charge you money to keep them Healthy and Happy.
They come to you healthy and happy because they know we love them.

You are paying us to bring Fun, Laughter and the chance to spend time with our animals.
We hope to leave you with a love of animals that will make your life richer and fuller.

When you hire us you are not paying for the upkeep of our animals. Our prices are to cover
fuel to drive to you, required licenses to do parties and our liability insurance.

Feeding our animals, paying for vehicle maintenance, medical bills for the animals, tires
and all the different types of tack needed such as saddles, ropes, halters and saddle pads.
All of these things are normal items that we have to pay for whether we do parties or not.
It's a part of being an animal lover and owner. These are Our bills - Not Yours.

The thrills in my life are when a new baby is born, or when I go outside and horses come to
see me and get attention and to hear my goats calling "mama mama" when they hear my voice.

I meet a lot of kids who have never got to pet all the different animals, some are afraid of
the rabbit or goat, I spend time showing them how great it is to pet and feed them. It's
awesome to see them reach out to touch my Python, "it's a real snake" is something I hear a
lot. Pony Parties and the kids I get to spend time with and show them how great the love
of an animal is are what I call "my points for heaven." This is what makes me happy.

All our customers that leave comments in our Guest Book prove that we give you the best
we can give. Look at their comments, then check out ours, there is no competition. Not
one of our comments is from a family member or friend, they are all by people who called
us to come and do an event. We work hard to be the Best.

We don't lie or try for sympathy or guilt to get you to book a party with us.

Thank You for allowing us to share your Special Days. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks for thinking of us for your Party needs.
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All rights reserved.