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Our Rescue Horses

We have so many animals of our own that I can't help as many as I want to. It is expensive feeding all the ones
we already have. I usually only take in horses that have been neglected and starved, I don't have the knowledge
or the money to take in ones with serious health problems or injuries. The most wonderful thing about taking in
these horses is seeing the capacity they have in their hearts for love. A human has brought them to this point,
but with a little patience, gentleness and love you become the center of their world. Their forgiveness towards
humans is utterly awesome. Just like that - they forgive what we did to them - and love us unconditionally.

Rosie is a miniature mare, she is around 7 years old. Someone had hit her in the face and broke
the bone down the center. She wasn't given medical attention so it healed without being straightened.
When you look at her from the front the bone is way off center. Can you imagine the pain she went through?
Yes, she was mean when we got her (September 2012), can you blame her? Now, she does pony parties
and is absolutely great with the kids. She will probably live out her life with us because she's not perfect in
looks from the front, that's all most people see. She is a Real Beauty on the inside where it counts.
Her and Mouse are Best Buddies and run around and play all the time. It's great to watch them.

Rusty is a Quarter Horse gelding and he is 8 years old. I brought him home (October 2012) because he was
going to die if something wasn't done soon. He is 16.3 hands and he weighed 863 pounds. His backbone
and hipbones stuck out, he didn't walk around he just stayed in one place. There was no fat or muscle left
on him. In December he was at 1070 pounds, he was running around with the other horses and looked so
much better. He's still got a long way to go before he is up to the weight he should be at, at this time I'm
guessing he will end up weighing close to 1500 pounds. He is so sweet and gentle and I will probably end
up keeping him for myself. Hopefully by March he will be able to do the parade and we will see how he acts.

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