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Weight Limits
Horse - under 160 pounds. Adult may ride with child.
Pony - under 100 pounds. only 1 rider at a time and no adults.
Miniature Horse - under 40 pounds. Due to their size they only give rides for 1 hour.

Horse & Pony Rides
No Food or Drink when on a horse.
No Balloons or Toys when on a horse.
The Rider must be completely dry.
If party is 2 hours or more horses will take a water break.

Petting Zoo
No Food or Drink in Petting Zoo area.
If you are wet you cannot pet the rabbit.
If you have sticky hands they must be washed before you pet any of the animals.

Face Painting
Face must be dry.
Face must be clean and not sticky.
No sores, cuts, rashes or open wounds.

Treatment of Animals
Most of the kids are gentle and loving towards all the animals.
Sometimes we find kids that are mean to them. We will tell them to be gentle
one time only. If they are mean to them again they will be told to leave the
area where the animals are and will not be allowed back in the petting zoo.

I'm sad to say that we have had kids pick up the rabbit by the ears, poke it
in the eyes and pull its fur out. We have seen them hit the pig and poke it with
sticks. One actually held the duck's head underwater. Some of them hit and kick
the miniature horse, donkey and goat or poke at them with something. Hurting
my animals in any way will not be tolerated. We don't ask the parents to stay with
the kids, we watch them and help them pet the animals. We will tell the parents
they are not allowed in the zoo if they can't be gentle and nice to the animals.

Thanks for thinking of us for your Party needs.
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