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About Us

Billy, Phyllis and Storm personally work at each and every party leading horses and doing face painting.
We have friends that occasionally help us at parties because of all the things we've added through the years.
We will never send employees to do our job for us.

I was a 4-H Leader for 5 years and I've been a School Bus driver for over 8 years.
All of us have been fingerprinted and background checked with either 4-H or the School System.

Meet the Staff and the Animals
Staff are Family Members or Volunteers that we have known for years.

Owner, Phyllis is showing kids how Damian gives kisses.
She rides in all the local parades on her horse, Cash. She
has been married to Billy for 27 years. She likes to rescue
mistreated and starving horses and love them, feed them and
then find them good homes where they will be loved. She does
most of the face painting at parties.
Meet some of the Rescues.

Owner, Billy is leading Damian at a party. He helps take care
of the zoo that his wife and daughter have at home.

Owner, Storm is 23 years old now and doesn't want to do parties
anymore. She has moved into her own place and we miss her terribly.
Her horses Captain and Lexi moved with her so they are not being
used as party horses anymore.

Raquel and her horse "Prissy" at a Unicorn Photo Shoot. She bought "Prissy"
from me in 2010 and she had never owned a horse before. She has been married
to "Henry" for 23 years, she has 3 sons and 4 grandkids. She is Drew's mother.
She and her husband are the most wonderful people I have ever known. She is so
wonderful with both kids and horses. Her husband is a Minister and both of them
live what he preaches (he doesn't just say it, they do it).

Lee has been my best friend for over 18 years. Kids love him. He rides
in the parades and trail rides with us. The horses respond well to him
and he loves all of them. He has been Storm's favorite person since she
was 6 years old. He is leading his favorite horse, "Frosty."

Vera is Lee's wife. She is with Mouse, Belle and Arrow.
She has been helping us do parties for 5 years. She rides
a "Harley". She loves all the animals and the kids.

Meet the Party Horses

"Rosie" had her baby on June 29, 2015. The baby is a little girl, "Lily."

As of October 2014, Cash is no longer doing parties. He has been diagnosed with COPD.
I am told that there is no cure for it but it can be controlled somewhat. To be sure he is
safe and stays healthy he will no longer work. I am researching all I can in the hope of
finding a way to not just control it, but to cure it. I can't bear the thought of him having
to suffer or to lose him. Please keep this Wonderful Horse in your prayers.

Meet the Petting Zoo Animals

All of the horses that eventually become party horses are first ridden in many parades and on
lots of trail rides. Usually if a horse does good in parades they will make a good party horse,
but if they can't handle everything that goes on at parades then we don't even try to turn
them into party horses. A party horse must love and trust it's handler enough that no matter
what may happen, as long as the handler is on the ground with the lead rope the horse must
not spook. It takes a special horse to be able to do parades and parties because of all the sudden
noises and sudden movements and all the unexpected things that may happen. We also do
parties for the physically and mentally handicapped, it takes special horses for these parties.
Only horses that recognize the need of being extremely gentle can do special needs parties.

Meet the rest of our Horses

In Memory Of:
As I think of you, I can see you running across lush meadows with your head held high,
your ears forward, your mane and tail flying and your eyes sparkling. When my time comes,
I know you'll be waiting for me and the rest of our days will be spent riding over rainbows.

March 15, 1996 - June 26, 2012 - Chippers Frosty Jay (Frosty) - APHA Mare.
Frosty was a wonderful horse who was willing to do anything you asked her to do.
She was very nervous and would colic over the smallest change around her. The
Hurricane winds, rain and noises on Monday, June 25th caused her to colic. She
will be missed by all of us. We know she is now in a place where she won't ever
colic again due to nerves and stress. We love you, Frosty.

May 18, 1994 - August 25, 2013 - Westwind Apache Maiden (Patches)
The American Miniature Horse Association, Inc. - 39" tall Mare. A freak accident took her
from us, all the horses were running and playing and she slipped and fell and broke her leg.
Patches was a real sweeheart and we will miss her. Her best buddy, "Blueberry" is still
calling for her every couple of hours. They had been together for their whole lives.

May 20, 1996 - August 28, 2013 - Cookseys Lil Star (Sassy)
APHA Mare. Sassy was big and beautiful and had a wonderful disposition. She
loved everyone. She was mostly a "pasture puff." She had some type of bone
disease and it was deteriorating the bone in her lower leg. Nothing could be done
and she was in pain unless she was drugged up, losing weight and it was breaking
my heart. Even in pain she was ready to come to me for me to love on her. I'm so
thankful that she left me her foal, "Skyla." I will miss you so much, Sassy.

April 16, 2012 - January 8, 2015 - Fruit Loop
Even though Fruit Loop wasn't a horse, I'm sure she is with all of her buddies
in Horse Heaven. She was a female Pekin Duck and she was wonderful with all the
kids. She loved being petted and her favorite thing in the world was eating Fruit
Loops, she would take them right out of your hand. A Hawk got her and her mate.
Every party asks for her, especially the ones she had been to previously.

February 25, 2015 - October 7, 2015 - Grunt
Grunt was almost 1 year old. He was healthy and active with the other pigs.
It was such a surprise when we found him this morning at feeding time. There
wasn't a mark on him, no blood or anything. Yesterday he was playing with 3
of the new baby pigs. He only weighed 5.4 pounds, he was so very special.

Thanks for thinking of us for your Party needs.
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